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What does the Customer want from a Design System?

Here are a few ideas:

  • Consistent simple understandable UI
  • Consistent Language
  • Consistent Interaction Models & Flows

Consistent Interaction Models & Flows

The next potential pitfall is where things look the same but behave differently calendar date picking is a good example where there lots of variation in the design but often look the same you can end up selecting the wrong dates very easily, the graphical element of the UI is only part of the story and this is where most design systems are focused.

Apple App Store example

Why put interaction models into the design system?

These interaction models are repeated across websites and in apps to bring the same consistency of user experience, the design system seeks to provide a centralised resource for development and design teams to standardise around the UI. Why limit this to just the graphical elements as the interaction behaviours are just as important and fit side by side.

  • Select
  • Save
  • Cancel
  • Entering Information



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I’m a UX Designer with a background in Business Process Analysis. A Lean Six Sigma Blackbelt, Agile coach & ScrumMaster. Im a big fan of self organising teams.